Feng Shui Colors For Bathrooms

Feng Shui Bathroom Tips to Create an Amazing Spa Experience

Feng Shui Bathroom Tips to Create an Amazing Spa Experience

A Feng Shui bathroom represents how you nurture and take care of yourself. Those old commercials where the wife and mother sinks into a bubble bath at the end of the evening saying, “Take me away!” have some truth to them. Your bathroom should be the one place in your home or apartment where you can escape the stresses of the outside world.

A Feng Shui bathroom should be nurturing, supportive and soft. It’s all about “me” time. Here are 5 easy Feng Shui tips you can use to create an amazing spa experience in your bathroom. Following these principles will get your day off to a good start, where you are ready to take on the world and pursue all your goals, and will also help you end your day in a peaceful manner so you are prepared for bed and a good night’s rest.

1. Add items you love to your bathroom – Create a feeling of luxury in your bathroom, even on budget, by adding plush towels and a shower curtain that you love to the room. Thick cushy throw rugs or even the very popular memory foam bath rugs create a soothing experience for your feet, while great smelling shampoo evokes feelings of abundance when you wash your hair, so you can feel pampered from head to toe.

2. Splurge on personal care products you love – Soaps, shampoos, lotions and other personal care products make a big difference in the experience we have in our bathroom. Make sure to select products you truly love so you look forward to the time you spend grooming every day.

If you’re hesitant to spend extra money on salon quality shampoo, consider this: Purchase a small bottle, and switch for one week. Decide if you notice a different. For me, great smelling, high-quality shampoo gets my day off to the right start, but if it doesn’t make a difference for you, there are many other ways you can create a spa experience in your bathroom that you will love.

3. Add live plants and herbs to contribute to the sight and scent of your bathroom. – Fresh herbs such as rosemary and sage work exceptionally well in the bathroom. Live plants and herbs infuse the space with living chi, purify the air, and contribute to a positive experience in the bathroom. As you create your Feng Shui bathroom spa experience, remember to appeal to all the senses, including the powerful sense of smell. You can get scented soaps or lotions to add to the atmosphere of your bathroom. Try to purchase all-natural products so you are not filling the air with pollutants or harming the health of your home’s inhabitants.

4. Keep candles and the color red out of the bathroom, as they represent the fire element. – No matter what area of your home your bathroom is in, it has an extremely strong water element. If you like to burn candles, especially scented candles, for atmosphere while you’re in the tub, I recommend that. But tuck the candles away in a drawer or cabinet when you’re finished. Do not keep them on display. Similarly, avoid the color red in the bathroom because it enhances the fire element in the space and competes with the water element.

5. Choose colors that are soothing and support the water element. – The best colors for a Feng Shui bathroom include light green, light blue and even beige or silver sage. Use light, soothing colors on the walls, combined with soft lighting, to create a true spa experience in your Feng Shui bathroom.

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