Feng Shui Colors For Dining Rooms

Feng Shui for your Dining Room Video

Enjoy these tips on how to create a good feng shui in your dining room. Discussion on use of art, colors, shapes and plants in the dining room. For more information please visit www.NataliaKaylin.com

Sharing food with family and loved ones is important and sharing it in a beautiful environment is even more important. In traditional Chinese feng shui a dining room relates to wealth.
What contributes to a good feng shui in a dining room?
First, I look at the location. The most auspicious location of a dining room within a house is considered to be SE and S. Not surprisingly these two directions relate to wealth and fame. This dining room happened to be in the SE. So the nice handmade furniture, rich colors contribute to creating an atmosphere of abundance and wealth.
But do not worry if your dining room is not in the SE, you can still do a lot!
Ideally the dining room should be used often and free of clutter. I know it is very hard to keep up with those kids’ projects and bills that for some reason take a permanent residence on a dining room table. As one on my clients said: it is a large flat surface so you can dump a lot on it. But the thing is if you don’t use the room and have clutter the energy stagnates which can relate to a stagnation in your finances or other areas of your life.
Let’s talk about colors. Wall colors should be warm, earthy and have a nourishing vibe. For example, yellow would stimulate conversation and digestion, red would stimulate appetite, sage green would bring freshness and vitality. A cold blue or gray colors would be the least appropriate for the dining room walls.

In this room we used an earthy golden yellow color for two accent walls. The color is intense so it would be too much for the whole room. Balance is important.
Now, what about art and accessories? I often recommend to my clients to have art that represents wealth and abundance to them personally. This is what these 4 pieces represent. You can see very relaxed and content lifestyle somewhere in town near the warm ocean. A dream retirement place!
Pictures of fruit are very appropriate as well. Pears represent abundance.
A few words about the table. The best choice of a table shape is round or oval. A rectangular shape is fine but it is best if the corners are softened. The best material for the dining room table is wood. I do not recommend a metal or glass dining room table. The first one is cold, the second one doesn’t hold energy.
Healthy, beautiful plants are a must in the dining room! They bring vitality, freshness and color. I especially like using larger plants with rounded leaves and flowering plants.

Cut flower arrangements are fun to make and wonderful to have in the dining room.

Hope you enjoyed the video!
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