Feng Shui Colors For Family Rooms

Family Room Feng Shui Tips Video

This video is Feng Shui Family Room tips with a tour and is about how to create a harmonious Family Room with Feng Shui

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It is common for all of us to desire loving and supportive relationships and harmony in our families.

This is where feng shui can be extremely useful because we have plenty of tools and knowledge about how to create environments that will reflect this need. I always ask my clients questions to help me understand their family dynamics. I want to learn about their activities, hobbies, likes, dislikes and what aspects of their life they want to improve. This information along with feng shui analysis provides all we need to create a harmonious space where every family member feels supported.

I will give you a tour of what we did in this family room. This is the family room of a couple with a grown up son so mostly it is being used by 2 people.

First, let’s look at the furniture arrangement in this room. The couple likes watching movies, have a cup of tea and talk to each other and they love using the fireplace. This is why we put TV close to the fireplace so we can arrange the furniture around both so they can enjoy a movie or a conversation and a nice fire at the same time.

We also worked with the Five Elements here. The Five Elements are Fire, Earth, Metal, Water and Wood. It is a good idea to have all Five Elements present in the family room. First, it creates harmony and second, it makes people with different energetic needs feel comfortable in the space.

We have the Wood element here, this tree.
Wood brings vitality.

We have the Fire element here: Fireplace, lamp, reds in pillows.
Fire brings excitement and joy

The Earth Element is represented by couches, earthy color and rectangular shapes, vase.
Earth brings balance and stability:

The Metal Element is in fireplace tools, TV, color and shape of the rug.
Metal brings clarity

The Water Element is in the pictures.
Water brings relaxation.

The next step we need to find out the compass or Ba Gua location of the room. This particular room is in the NE-E. E relates to Family so the location of the room is very appropriate. We had to take into consideration that the sun here is only in the very early morning. This is one of the reasons we used brighter warmer colors of the walls and couches to balance absence of the sun during the day, make it feel warmer.

It is a very personalized space. This couple loves traveling, you can see the globe and on the walls you see photos of their favorite special places. This brings not only good memories but a connection to those places and good times.
Family photos are on the mantel here tell the story about some special moments. The space is simple and inviting; no clutter, not too many things. It helps to relax, destress and enjoy the time spent together.
Hope you enjoyed the video!
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