Feng Shui Colors For Living Rooms

Feng Shui Living Room Colors


Feng Shui colors for a living room can set the tone for the feelings people have throughout your entire house or apartment.

As the threshold between your home and the outside world, you want to bring a bit of the natural world into your living room using Feng Shui colors. The best colors yellow, beige or tan, or green or blue. Neutral “earth” tones like tan, brown and beige work well because these colors are associated with the earth element and the center of the Ba Gua.

The living room is also a social space. You can enliven a living room as a social environment by adding a variety of colors, shapes, shades and patterns. You can also consider having a variety of conversation pieces to keep the atmosphere fun and diverse.

Use the Five Elemental Feng Shui Colors for a Living Room

Since your living room should appeal to a variety of guests and make all guests feel comfortable, you may want to employ accents in a variety of bright colors, including reds, oranges and greens.