Feng Shui Bedroom Placement

Feng Shui Bed Placement: Where to Put Your Bed for Better Rest and Success

Feng Shui Bed Placement: Where to Put Your Bed for Better Rest and Success.

Your bed should be in the command position of your bedroom, which means you can see the door as you lie in bed, but your bed is not in line with the door.

If your bed is in line with your door, this could cause health problems with the part of the body in direct line with the door. For instance, if your head is closest to the door when you lie in bed, you could experience headaches or migraines. If your knees are in line with the door, you could have knee problems. If your mid-section is in line with the door, you could have gastrointestinal distress, back injuries, or a number of other problems, since your major organs are located in this part of your body.

More Feng Shui Bed Placement Tips

As you walk into your bedroom, you should not walk directly into the bed. In the small bedrooms of many homes and apartments, this can cause problems┬ábecause there aren’t many choices when it comes to placing the bed for optimal Feng Shui. Most bedrooms, however, will have at least one command position available to place the bed where it is not directly in line with the door.

Your bed should have a solid wall directly behind, it rather than a window. You should not place the bed diagonally in the corner, leaving an empty triangle of space behind the bed. You see this set up often with a crib in children’s nurseries, but it does not offer a strong, supportive environment for sleep for babies or adults.

Most importantly, consider how the placement of your bed is working for you, right now. Are you getting a good night’s sleep and waking up on time, feeling well-rested, energized and refreshed? What about your life during the day? Do you have a sense of peacefulness and security or are you haunted by vague feelings of discontent or discomfort? Do you suffer from health problems or enjoy good health?

The master bedroom is a very important space in Feng Shui and is a reflection of your life inside and outside the home. Your Feng Shui bed placement affects your health, income, relationships and sense of well-being. Turn your bedroom into a peaceful sanctuary, beginning with the best Feng Shui placement of your bed.

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