Feng Shui Kitchen Colors

Feng Shui Kitchen Tips Video

Enjoy these tips for your kitchen–one of the most important rooms in your home! Watch how you can enhance your wealth and create a nourishing environment for your family.

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The kitchen is one of the most important rooms. It is the heart of a home and relates to nourishment.
The most important object in the kitchen is the stove. In traditional Chinese feng shui, the stove relates to wealth so its placement and its Fire element have to be strong.
I have to admit, that it is much easier to implement feng shui principles for the kitchen and the best stove placement when we build a new home. A lot of feng shui knowledge goes into making these architectural and design decisions. We take into the consideration the compass direction, the year the house is being built, the DOB of the person who is going to cook, and so on. But if your home is already built and we cannot control the stove placement what we can do is we can strengthen the Fire element in the kitchen. Fire is red. I love implementing some reds in the kitchen.
In this kitchen, we have red tiles, a red kettle, and a red rug. Not only does this strengthen the fire but also it feels warm and aesthetically pleasing.
Now a few words about the kitchen design.
We have 3 different types of energy in the kitchen: Fire (the stove), Water (the sink) and Metal (the fridge). The way these elements interact with each other is Water puts fire out and Metal cools fire down.
Therefore, we want these 3 objects to be separated so a triangular design is best. In this kitchen, the fridge is a little bit too close to the stove this is one of the reasons we had to strengthen the fire adding some reds.
This purple cabinet adds an additional fire element and it is also an interesting and fun piece displaying some colorful pottery and cook books.
Another element that I love implementing in the kitchen is the Earth element. Earth relates to stability, nourishment, digestion and the corresponding color is yellow. Yellow brings sunlight and warmth to the kitchen, making it a happy place where people want to be.
I love natural things in the kitchen such as this woven basket with fruits, herbs and flowers. It all brings a feeling of authenticity, happiness and fun.
Thanks for watching! We are only scratching the surface in this video.