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Feng Shui is a Chinese term that means wind-water. It is a system designed to bring balance and harmony to the energy, called Chi, of space: a room, an office, a garden, or a home. Feng Shui principles are laid out according to the five elements: earth, metal, fire, water, and wood; and according to directions, or compass designations. Feng Shui-ing your space can become a very complex and expensive re-decorating and redesigning process, but here are some inexpensive and simple tips to Feng Shui your home, or other space:

1) The Directions:

The first step is to look at the directions and learn what areas of your life they represent. Enhancing the flow of Chi in a certain sector of your home may give a boost to that area of your life. For example, if your career seems stagnant, doing some Feng Shui in your career sector may help to get things moving in your career.

North = Career

Northeast = Wisdom, Knowledge, and Studies

East = Health and Family

Southeast = Wealth

South = Fame

Southwest = Relationships

West = Creativity and Children

Northwest = Mentors and Spirit Guides

2) Remove Clutter:

Clutter, piles, and junk block and stagnate the flow of Chi. Donate those old clothes, clean the pile of dishes, and recycle that stack of magazines and newspapers. Regularly organizing and cleaning your space also perks up the flow of Chi.

3) Re-arrange Furniture:

Move furniture around to enhance the flow of energy. Arrange furniture so that you can move around the room in a circular direction, versus zig-zagging or running into obstacles. Also, ideally you want to see the entrance to a room or space from where you are – lying in bed, sitting at the table, or on your couch if possible.

4) Use Mirrors and Crystals:

Mirrors and crystals can reflect, deflect, and bend the flow of Chi where there are dead-ends, small spaces, and dark areas where there is not much natural light. For example, I once hung a crystal at the top of a staircase that looked like an opening to a dead-end to encourage the flow of both light and Chi.

5) Add Color:

My favorite and an inexpensive way to enliven, refresh and Feng Shui a space, is to paint the walls or add items that are the dominant colors for that area/direction:

North: black, white, and blue

Northeast: blue, green, and white

East: green, yellow, orange, and brown

Southeast: purple, violet, burgundy, and sage

South: red and orange

Southwest: pink, yellow, beige

West: gold, white

Northwest: silver, white, and black

6) Do you like it?

The simplest and most important part of Feng Shui is liking it, wanting to be there, and being productive in it. Ask yourself: Do you like the space? Are you comfortable in it? Do you feel relaxed and enjoy being there? If not, try some of these simple tips to Feng Shui your home, and have fun doing it!

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