Feng Shui Kitchen Stove Position

Feng Shui your home in 8 minutes

http://www.thefengshuiexperience.com Feng Shui your home in 8 Minutes. This home has several areas which needed to be adjusted/cured. We begin with the front yard and you can see a gentle slope going up to the front door. This is an excellent slope. I first noticed there was a dead tree in the yard. I asked the owner to remove the tree. Then I noted the tree directly in the path of the front door. This could be cured in several ways, but the owner decided to use the red flowers cure. She simply placed red flowers around the base of the tree and this helps to provide a gentle path of Chi towards the front door.
The walkway is not straight and has solar lights along each side. This gives light to the path and helps move the energy as well.
The owner has added two wind chimes to the front porch. The best windchime to have is a bamboo with 8 chimes, but not easy to find. So these windchimes are great for the front porch.
As we enter the home you will note a photograph of a wide path and it appears to go into infinity. We added this photo on the wall as you enter because you do not want to walk into a home and have a wall facing you as you enter. This photograph takes your eye away from the wall.
Above the photograph is a mirror. I am sure you are thinking this is an odd location for a mirror. And you would be correct. However, this home has a bathroom in the center of the house. And this is very bad Feng Shui. We needed to make this bathroom “disappear” and we did that by placing mirrors on the outside of all 4 walls of the bathroom. The mirror above the photograph is one of the 4 walls. The other 4 walls: 2 are on ledges in the living room and kitchen (neither of which can be seen) and the last one is above the bathroom door as you can see in the video.
The mirror in the entry way faces the front door. Typically we do not want a mirror facing the front door as this “pushes” the Chi out the door and we want it to come in. This mirror is placed high enough that is does not do that and it reflects the 5 Chinese coins above the front door, thus doubling the prosperity of the home.
As we move into the living room you will see the Terra Cotta Warriors are placed in the living room window for protection. They could have been placed in a less conspicuous location, but the owner likes them in the window.
There are ceiling fans throughout the home and on each of them is attached a faceted crystal ball hung on a 9-inch red string.
The kitchen has a black stove which is also bad in Feng Shui. Black denotes water and water puts out fire. So to enchance the fire on the stove we have placed a red teapot. This will enchance the fire.
There is a sink directly across from the stove so the cure is to place a green piece of paper on the door of the cabinet under the sink. This will stop the water energy from the fire energy of the stove.
In the Kitchen is a 9 Star, in the Dining room is an 8 Star and in the Living room is a 1 Star. All called Timely Stars. The stars are determined by the birth date of the house. These are Future Money, Current Money and Distant Money stars and all needed to be Activated. So a clock is placed so it “hits’ all 3 areas and activates the stars by the pendulum moving. A great easy and nice design cure.
As we move into the hallway you will see more than 3 doors. That creates too much energy so we placed a faceted crystal ball hanging from a 9-inch string in the hallway.
The 2nd bedroom has a 2 Star in it. This is an Untimely Star. The cure/adjustment for it is to hang 6 Chinese coins. So that was hung over the bedroom door.
The Master bedroom has a 4 Star which is also an Untimely Star and the cure is to cut a red diamond shape out of paper and place where the star is located. With dowsing rods, we found the star, it was in the center of the room. There is a bench in the center of the room, so we taped the red diamond under the bench. We took the dowsing rods and made sure the energy was balanced. It was!
In the bathroom off the master is another area of concern. It is the Wealth area of the home. A very bad place for a bathroom. So we needed to add Bamboo, green color and made sure the light fixtures were facing upwards (also done in the hall bath).
As you can see from this home there are wonderful easy design cures, to bring your home into balance. Cures that please the eye and cost very little to do.
The owner of this home was very excited because she just put in new carpet and the pad is red. So she has a great foundation of red in her home.
She also painted the wardrobe in her bedroom the colors of the Chakras. You will note in the video the drawers and their colors.
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