Feng Shui Tips For Relationships

Feng Shui For Love, Relationship, Marriage & Romance: How To Attract Passionate Love

Feng Shui for love, romance, marriage, relationship, and passion in and out of the bedroom.

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Whether you’re just out of a relationship and ready to attract true love and romance in your life or if you haven’t had a date in months (or even years) and you’re ready to bring passionate love into your life . Or maybe you’ve had an endless string of dates but have still never met the one person who is perfect for you. I believe this can help. Understand this.

The Feng Shui of your home could be blocking you from attracting the type of men that are actually perfect for you. And by making small little shifts, little changes, you can experience big results.

I want to have you focus on the relationship area of your space, which could be blocking you from finding fulfillment in your love life. The relationship sector is located in the area of your home against the back wall on the far right corner when you’re standing at the entrance and looking in. Keep in mind that you can also find the relationship corner in a room such as your bedroom by standing in the door looking in. The relationship area is located in the back right corner of your bedroom. You can even review your property by standing at the beginning of your driveway closest to the road and identify the back right area of your yard or property. And this can tell you a lot about what might be happening in your love life and with your relationships or lack there of. If you’re looking for love, you may want to review what’s in the relationship area of both your master bedroom and your entire house. You can also look at your back yard in the back right corner to see what it looks like and if that is the image you want portrayed regarding your love life.

There are also certain colors that are best for your relationship Corner. The colors associated with the relationship area are reds and pinks. A single person looking to attract love into their life may also want to paint their master bedroom peach, as this color is known to attract romance and suitors.

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